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Item number: BP28

Portable Deep Cycle Battery

The ideal portable Deep Cycle Battery system for powering accessories in and out of your vehicle.
(28 ah pictured).

* The BATTPAK is designed for use primarily with the Engel range of portable fridge/freezers but can be used wit almost all portable fridge/freezers and a large range of 12 volt appliances.

* The BATTPAK is designed to be charged via the 12 volt charge lead supplied.

* Press the MOMENTARY button on the control panel of the BATTPAK and the volt gauge will indicate its state of surface charge.
(Green 13v to 13.4v Fully Charged) (Orange 9v to 13v Normal) (Red 0v to 9v Requires charging)

* The BATTPAK is a maintenance-free rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery.

* Your BATTPAK will operate in any direction or position without leakage & at temperatures between -20oC and +50oC.

* The BATTPAK28 has two outlets. One 12v cigarette plug and one Engel POSI-FIT socket.

* All outlets are fitted with ON/OFF rocker switches and are fused at 15 amps.

* The BATTPAK should always be recharged after use.

* The BATTPAK batteries have a life of between 300 & 400 charge cycles.

BATTPAK28 (mm): H285 W190 D200

Weight: 14 Kg

Warranty Period ...... 12 months.

For a faster charge we recommend the 12VDCBATTCHARGER 12 volt 10 amp Battery Charger and/or the BC240/126 6 amp 240 volt ac charger. Special Purchase price available on 3 item kit.

Price: $360 RRP  $300


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