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BATMAN150 Dual Battery Management System   [item BATMAN]      add to cart | view cart
Full protection up to 150 amps.

Price: $305.00
12VDCBATTCHARGER 12Volt In Car Battery Charger   [item BATTCHARGER 12V]      add to cart | view cart
12 volt, 10 amp charger

Price: $170.00
BC240/126 240 Volt Battery Charger 6 Amp.    [item BATTCHARGER 6 AMP ]      add to cart | view cart
240 volt AC battery charger 6 amp. (3.5 pictured)

Price: $130.00
240v Battery Charger for Series 1.   [item BBAC. S1. Out of Stock.]      add to cart | view cart
240v Battery Charger to suit Smart Battery Box.

Price: $110.00
240v Batt Box Charger   [item BBAC.S2]      add to cart | view cart
240v Battery Charger to suit Engel Smart Battery Box Series 2.

Price: $105.00
DC Charger to Suit Batt Box   [item BBDC.S2 ]      add to cart | view cart
DC Car Charger to suit Engel Series 2 Battery Box.

Price: $39.00
Canverter 12 Volt DC to 240 Volt AC   [item CANVERTER]      add to cart | view cart
Power inverter that fits in your car's drink holder

Price: $67.50 RRP  $60.00
DC Power Board w/- Low Voltage Cut Out   [item DC LVC ]      add to cart | view cart

Price: $185.00
Power Converter 24 Volt DC to 12 Volt DC    [item DC POWER CONVERTER]      add to cart | view cart
24 Volt to 12 Volt DC Reducer

Price: $215.00
AC/DC converter   [item EDAC240V]      add to cart | view cart

Price: $100
240AC/DC    [item EDAC240VUNI]      add to cart | view cart
AC/DC converter Universal fitting

Price: $100.
Engel Thermometer    [item EDTHERM ]      add to cart | view cart
nternal / external display, 5 metre lead

Price: $35.00
Engel Thermometer    [item EDTHERM ]      add to cart | view cart
Internal / external display, 5 metre lead

Price: $35.00
12V DC Thermal Fuse   [item FUSE]      add to cart | view cart

Price: $9.50 each or 2 for $15
INV150-12 Inverter - 150 watt   [item INVERTER 150W]      add to cart | view cart
12 volt DC to 240 AC volt inverter

Price: $105.00
INV350-12 Inverter - 350 watt   [item INVERTER 350W]      add to cart | view cart
12 volt DC to 240 volt AC inverter

Price: $95.00
LANDCRUISER/PRADO PANEL KIT   [item L-C PANEL]      add to cart | view cart
with Engel socket, Cigarette lighter socket & 2 x T-sockets to suit Clipsal 492 polarised plug

Price: $150.
Panel Base Harness Kit   [item PBHK]      add to cart | view cart

Price: $45.00
Nissan Panel with Volt Meter Engel/Cig/Hella   [item PGBU]      add to cart | view cart

Price: $130.00
Smart Relay - 12 volt   [item SMART RELAY 12V]      add to cart | view cart
Dual Charge Controller - 12 volt.

Price: $65.00
Smart Relay - 24 volt   [item SMART RELAY 24V]      add to cart | view cart
Dual Charge Controller - 24 volt

Price: $65.00
WK Wiring Kit   [item WIRING KIT]      add to cart | view cart
Wiring kit to suit Engel fridge .....

Price: $45.00

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