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39L Combi Freezer Basket   [item 45CFB]      add to cart | view cart
Fridge or Freezer Basket for 40L/39L Combi .... interchangeable

Price: $55.00 each
39L Combi Fridge Basket   [item 45CRB]      add to cart | view cart
Freezer or Fridge Basket for 40L/39L Combi .... interchangeable

Price: $55.00 each
Battery Alligator Clips   [item ALCLIPS]      add to cart | view cart

Price: $8.00 pair
Fridge Slide to Suit MT17F/MT27F   [item FRIDGE SLIDE 515/525. Currently out of Stock.]      add to cart | view cart
Easy access and secure mounting slide. Various models.

Price: $429 RRP  $405.
Slide to Suit MT35/MT45/MT45C   [item FRIDGE SLIDE 530/540 ]      add to cart | view cart
New Design for this model

Price: $449 RRP  $425
Fridge Slide to Suit MT60F/MT60FC/MT80F/MT80FC   [item FRIDGE SLIDE 60/80 ]      add to cart | view cart

Price: $499 RRP  $475
Handle Protectors.    [item HP]      add to cart | view cart

Price: $0 RRP  $$6.00 pair
Engel Green Mat   [item MAT]      add to cart | view cart

Price: $30.00
Mounting Kit   [item MOUNTING KIT]      add to cart | view cart
Tie Down Brackets, Turnbuckles & Screws only.

Price: $75 RRP  $75.00
Small Basket    [item SB40]      add to cart | view cart

Price: $35.00
Small Stubby/Bottle Basket to suit 40 litre   [item SBB]      add to cart | view cart

Price: $35.00 each
Small Can Basket to suit 40 litre   [item SBC]      add to cart | view cart

Price: $35.00 each
Tie Down Brackets   [item TDB]      add to cart | view cart
Set of 4 brackets for securing to tie down points.

Price: $30.00
Transit Slide Lock to suit MT27F   [item TSL27 ]      add to cart | view cart

Price: $140.00
Slide Lok   [item TSL530/540]      add to cart | view cart
Easy to use locking base suitable for use with 32 & 40 litre models

Price: $140.00
Slide Lock Adaptor Kit   [item TSLECLKIT]      add to cart | view cart
Slide Lock Adaptor Kit to suit MR40F Eclipse ....

Price: $0 RRP  $30.00

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